Welcome to the site on air traffic and the climate

This site explains about emissions into the air from air traffic and their impact on climate change. Local impacts, such as noise or air quality, will not be dealt with.

The site has been developed in cooperation between the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Finnish Civil Aviation Authority, Finnair Oyj, Blue 1 Oy, Air Finland Oy and Finavia.

Emissions from aircraft are the same as with other means of transport. On a global scale, carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) from air traffic account for in the region of 2 per cent of emissions resulting from human activities. Other substances in emissions have an impact at cruising altitude so that the warming effect of air traffic is estimated to be about double compared with the share of carbon dioxide emissions from air traffic.

The demand for air travel is growing. This is expected to lead to an increase in emissions from air traffic in spite of the development of aircraft technology.